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About Us

3mind Solutions


3mind Solutions has been created by experienced practitioners who are passionate about trade marketing solutions. We know practical problems which might hinder the efforts of a trade marketing department . Each of us struggled with them for over a decade while working for different organizations. Bearing in mind the limitations and challenges facing many companies, we have developed a designated system tool. Our original software solution 3dom will free you from painstaking office chores so that you have more time to build your strategy and react to market shifts in a timely manner.

What makes us different?


We always look for new trade marketing challenges. As professionals, we guarantee full involvement in developing best discount and sales policies.
We are not interested in half-measures. Our ultimate goal is to solve the problem completely through actual improvement.
We provide support to our client throughout every stage of the process.

Is 3dom for you?


Having worked in the industry for many years, we are addressing our offer primarily to the pharmaceutical organizations. Nevertheless, we offer our services to all organizations which understand that effective and innovative trade marketing solutions help achieve success in sales and maintain clients and workforce satisfaction.


3mind Solutions came into being to develop state-of-the-art approach to trade marketing, support our clients in taking change-oriented decisions, and share our expertise and experience in bolstering sales.

3mind Solutions is the new face of sales support.

The values

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